ÍBR´s Basic Grant

The Basic Grant is the funding the Reykjavik Sports Association (ÍBR) receives for allocation based on money allotted to it from the Icelandic Lottery (Íslenskr Getspár - Lotto).

The conditions for any association receiving a grant from ÍBR are as follows: they must be a fully-recognised associate member of ÍBR; they must keep a membership register; they must comply with the Association´s rules regarding general meetings and submission of annual reports with validated audited accounts; they must have valid member participation reports; and they must meet all the conditions for the proper election of the relevant association´s governing body.

The deadline for applications for the ÍBR Basic Grant is May 31st each year.

Travel Grants

ÍBR offers travel grants for those competing abroad, e,g. those competing in world championships, world cup competitions, European championships, Nordic championships, international national team tournaments, official national matches, etc.

The amount granted is dependant on the annual funding provided by Reykjavík city. ÍBR decides on a fixed figure, e.g. the amount in 2022 was ISK. 25,000 for national team trips and ISK. 35,000 for participation in the European club competition.

Applications must be submitted before the departure date. Applications should be sent to the email address and should be accompanied by confirmation of the trip from the relevant sporting body.

Grants for domestic travel are available from ÍSÍ. Applications should be made before January 10th each year on the ÍSÍ website. Start by creating an application for the club or department and then proceed to registering the intended trips. Applications are only accepted on their website and cannot be accepted after January 9th each year.

Grants for Training and Competition Participation

The main goal with these grants, offered by both ÍBR and ÍTR, is to ensure that the costs of sports facilities available to children and teenagers will not be borne either by participants or their families.

An additional aim is to support high-performance sports at Reykjavík sports clubs. The grants are open to clubs that are affiliated members of ÍBR and that comply with all the Association´s regulations.

Grants can cover the rent of sports facilities owned by Reykjavík city, e.g. school gymnasiums, as well as sports clubs' sports facilities.

Applications from sports clubs for training grants must be submitted to ÍBR by May 1st for the winter term and February 1st for the summer term.

ÍBR Support Fund

ÍBR´s Support Fund offers financial assistance for outreach projects in sports activities in Reykjavik city, as well as supporting high-achieving athletes. Allocation of funding is in line with ÍBR´s sports policy and the principle of equal opportunity for all to participate in sports. Allocation of funding is normally twice a year.

Applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the fund's operating rules before submitting an application. The completed application form should be sent electronically to or

Applications are open from September 15 - October 15 in the fall semester, and from March 15 - April 15 in the spring semester. Allocation is then announced in November for the fall semester and in May for the spring semester.

Other funding:

Landsbankinn Community Grants

Landsbankinn awards community grants every year and the application deadline is always in October. Landsbankinn is providing twenty million ISK in community grants this year, which will be distributed in two parts. The community grants are intended to support projects in various fields, including humanitarian affairs, sports, culture and art, education, research and science, prevention and youth work, and specific publishing activities.

Rannís Sports Fund

Rannís manages the Sports Fund and the application deadline is October 1st every year. The grants are intended to help sports and youth clubs throughout the country improve their facilities. The Fund also supports research on various aspects of sports activities in Iceland.

The Leisure Card

The Leisure Card is a subsidy system for leisure activities for 6 - 18-year-old children and teenagers whose official domicile is Reykjavík. These are not direct payments to the guardians, rather they extend the right to use the specified amount in their child's name to subsidize participation and practice fees charged by clubs.


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