Facility Rules and Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines When Using Sports Facilities

  • Consuming food is prohibited inside the sports halls. 
  • The use of chewing gum is strictly prohibited in sports halls and on pitches. 
  • Indoor shoes are the only footwear allowed in the sports halls. 
  • When using the facility show respect and do not litter. 
  • It is forbidden to spit on the floor in sports halls and on pitches. 
  • Dressing rooms should be kept tidy, and all rubbish placed in bins. 
  • Users must notify when a practice session has been cancelled. Information about this should be sent to the Reykjavík Sports Association (ÍBR), which then notifies the facility.
  • Users must notify as to any changes regarding training sessions so that staff can give updated information to parents etc. 
  • Users must notify when challenge games or smaller tournaments are scheduled in the facility so that locker rooms and cleaning can be organised and the correct information given to those who ask. 
  • The facility's janitor can refuse a group access to the facility if the person responsible for the players is in breach of the rules set out by the Ministry of Education regarding safety in sports facilities. For example, a coach must be 18 years old to be considered a responsible person.  
  • A coach must accompany all players and be responsible for them, in line with Article 9 in the Ministry of Education's regulation on safety in sports facilities. 
  • A coach or his substitute must be present before the practice session begins and supervise players in the dressing room. This is especially important in the case of younger players. Since there is no supervision in the showering area, this is the responsibility of the coach. 
  • Dressing rooms are cleaned in the evening after use. Players are therefore asked to keep the dressing room tidy as there are others who are using the facilities.  
  • One employee is on duty in the facility at all times. It is the role of coaches and players to move mats, goals, etc., possibly with the help of an employee. Warming up, stretching and putting away of equipment must be done during the time slot allotted. 
  • Twenty minutes after the last practice session, all players should have left the facility. 
  • On the ÍBR website, www.ibr.is, you can find a schedule of events in the facility. Events registered online mean that any previously scheduled practice session has been cancelled.  

Accidents and Emergencies

  • In case of an emergency, call 112 from a phone at the front desk.
  • If calling an ambulance from a mobile phone, the janitor must be informed as to what has happened so that they can direct the first-responders to the right location.                                                                                                                                       

First-aid Kit

  • There is a first-aid kit for administering first-aid.                                                                                                                                                
  • The facility does not provide tape or other medical items, except in cases of emergency.  
  • Taking items from the first-aid kit for general use is forbidden.  
  • The person responsible for groups using the sports facilities should have a first-aid kit.

Useful Information

  • It is recommended that coaches wear a marked tracksuit so that staff and parents can identify who is in charge.
  • Groups must themselves provide balls, vests, cones and any additional equipment.
  • The use of harpix is forbidden in Reykjavik city sports halls, with the exception of Austurberg and Seljaskoli.

Weight-lifting Room Rules

  • Always exercise care, never lift a heavy weight without being spotted.
  • There should always be at least two people in the weight-lifting room.
  • Those not 18 must be under the supervision of a trainer when in the weight-lifting room
  • Those older than 18 and who are not being supervised by a trainer are the responsibility of the coach/club and must have written confirmation of such.
  • The roster of time slots in the weight-lifting room should be respected. Others may not enter the room without the permission of those whose time slot it is.
  • All weights should be put back in their right place after use.
  • Hand-held weights should be put back on the correct rack after use.

Penalties for Breach of Rules

Any breach of the set rules for those using sports facilities can result in the group, age group or club being penalised. Here below, in decending order of severity, are the penalties imposed:

  • Verbal warning.
  • Written warning.
  • The age-group/group is barred from the facility for one week.
  • The age-group/group is barred from the facility for one month.
  • The club is barred from the facility for one week.
  • The club is barred from the facility for one month.
  • The age-group is permanently barred from the facility.
  • The club is permanently barred from the facility.


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